Biological Control Agents

Volume III - 1973

3Towards a science of biological control of weeds
15Current studies on the entomofauna of cruciferous weeds in Poland
23Biological control of Lantana in Australia
31Studies on the biological control of aquatic weeds in The Netherlands
39Insect enemies of aquatic weeds
49Arthropods that stress waterhyacinth
61Insects and other organisms associated with Hydrilla verticillata (L.f.) L.C. (Hydrocharitaceae) in Pakistan
67Current emphasis in U.S. Department of Agriculture on biological control of weeds
75The selection of effective agents for the biological control of weeds
89The phytophagous insects attacking Sonchus spp. (Compositae) in Europe
97Studies on the host specificity of Gastrophysa atrocyanea Mot. (Col.: Chrysomelidae), a potential biological control agent against Rumex obtusifolius L. (Polygonaceae) in Japan
111Seasonal and regional variation in the success of organisms imported to combat skeleton weed Chondrilla juncea L. in Australia
119The impact of the Cinnabar moth on ragwort in east and west Canada and its implication for biological control
127Plant pathogens and the biological control of some important weeds occurring in the Mediterranean region
133Utilization of phytopathogens as biocontrols for aquatic weeds
137Xanthium rust as a possible biological control agent of bathurst and noogoora burrs in Australia