Biological Control Agents

Volume I - 1969

1On the possibility of biological control of North American Goldenrods in Europe
5The biological control of Skeleton weed, Chondrilla juncea L.: Entomological aspects
11The possible control of Skeleton weed, Chondrilla juncea L., using Puccinia chondrillina Bubak & Syd.
15Phytophagous insects observed on watermilfoil, Myriophyllum spicatum L., in Yugoslavia in 1967-1968
21Phytophagous insects observed on parasitic phanerogams of the genera Orobanche and Cuscuta in 1968
25Current research on biological weed control in Southern California
29Current research on biocontrol of weeds in Canada
33Current projects at the Rome Entomology Laboratory of the USDA
39Control of Rumex crispus L. with the Rust Fungus, Uromyces rumicis (Schum.) Wint.: Preliminary investigations
41Host resistance and biological weed control
47Studies on European Sawfly species associated with Rosa
49Studies on phytophagous  insects of Euphorbia spp.: Chamaesphecia empiformis (Esp.)
55Studies on insects associated with gorse, Ulex europaeus L.
59Investigations on insects attacking European Rhamnaceae
63Current investigations on phytophagous insects associated with thistles and knapweeds
69Problems involved in host-specificity and screening tests - Introduction to the subject
79The assessment of the biological control potential of organisms for controlling weeds - Introduction to the subject
81The assessment of biological control potential of the organisms attacking Chondrilla juncea L.
91A method to measure the percentage attack of organisms in the field
105Problems in searching for and collecting control organisms - Introduction to the subject
109Possibilities of co-operation - Introduction to the subject