Biological Control Agents

International Symposia on Biological
Control of Weeds

Ecology principles of WBC

ArticleLead AuthorYear
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Ecology of old world hawkweeds, Hieracium species (Asteraceae), in their homeland and considerations on their potential weedinessFornasari1996
Comparing the population dynamics of broom, Cytisus scoparius, as a native plant in the United Kingdom and France and as an invasive alien weed in Australia and New ZealandFowler1996
Plant population processes and weed controlLonsdale1996
What determines the increased competitive ability of invasive non-indigenous plants?Blossey1996
Biotic barriers to plant naturalizationMack1996
The interaction between natural enemies and interspecific plant competition in the control of invasive pasture weedsSheppard1996
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Ecological Principles of Biological Control: From Population Theory to Weed Biocontrol PracticeDe Clerck-Floate1999
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