Biological Control Agents

International Symposia on Biological
Control of Weeds

Survey for agents

ArticleLead AuthorYear
Problems in searching for and collecting control organisms - Introduction to the subjectInman1969
Current research on biological weed control in Southern CaliforniaGoeden1969
Current projects at the Rome Entomology Laboratory of the USDADunn1969
Metzneria paucipunctella Zel. (Gelechiidae, Lepidoptera): A potential insect for biological control of Centaurea stoebe L. in CanadaEnglert1971
Exploration for organisms for biological control of weedsWinder1973
Progress in the exploration for biological control agents for Salvinia molestaForno1980
Evaluation of Fusarium roseum 'culmorum' as a biological control for Hydrilla verticillata: SafetyCharudattan1980
New activities in biological control of weeds in Australia I. Common heliotrope, Heliotropium europaeumDelfosse1980
Recent thoughts on exploration and discovery for biological control of weedsWapshere1980
The search for effective biological control agents in Europe 1. Diffuse and Spotted KnapweedSchroeder1984
Biological control of spotted knapweed (Centaurea maculosa) - Host range of Puccinia centaureae (ABSTRACT ONLY)Clement1984
The potential for biological control of the submersed aquatic weed, Hydrilla verticillata (ABSTRACT ONLY)Balciunas1984
Evaluation of plant pathogens in Europe for the biological control of introduced weed species in North America (ABSTRACT ONLY)Defago1984
Biology and impact of Trichobaris texana (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on silverleaf nightshade, Solanum elaeagnifolium in central TexasCuda1984
The place of biological control of field bindweed in California's coastal vineyards (ABSTRACT ONLY)Rosenthal1984
Preliminary assessment of fungal pathogens as biological control agents for Rottboellia cochinchinensis (Gramineae)Ellison1988
The search in China for potential biological control agents for Eurasian watermilfoil and hydrilla (ABSTRACT ONLY)Balciunas1992
Survey of pathogens for Emex australis in South AfricaShivas1992
The search for effective biological control agents in Europe. 2. Leafy and cypress spurge (ABSTRACT ONLY)Schroeder1992
Pathogens attacking groundsel bush, Baccharis halimifolia, in FloridaCharudattan1992
Present status of the biological control programme for the graminaceous weed Rottboellia cochinchinensisEllison1992
Biology of Phomopsis emicis, a potential biological control agent for spiny emex, Emex australis (ABSTRACT ONLY)Shivas1992
Vine-feeding insects of old man's beard, Clematis vitalba, in New ZealandMacfarlane1992
Fungal pathogens of weeds collected in the Brazilian tropics and subtropics and their biological control potentialBarreto1992
The use of computer databases during the foreign exploration phase of a biological control programmePalmer1992
The search for weed biological control agents: When to move on? (ABSTRACT ONLY)Muller-Scharer1992
Evaluation of European pathogens for the control of Myriophyllum spicatum in the United States of AmericaHarvey1996
Entyloma hieracii and Puccinia hieracii, two promising pathogens for the biological control of Hieracium spp. (Asteraceae, hawkweeds) in North AmericaHasan1996
Prospects for biological control of a large tree, Melaleuca quinquenervia (ABSTRACT ONLY)Burrows1996
Little-known pathogens on well-known weeds: the results of recent surveys for potential biological control agents (ABSTRACT ONLY)Ellison1996
Current biocontrol research in the Hawaii Department of Agriculture plant pathogen containment facility (ABSTRACT ONLY)Gardner1996
Biology and host range of Eccritotarsus catarinensis (Heteroptera: Miridae), a new potential biological control agent for water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) (Pontederiaceae) in South Africa (ABSTRACT ONLY)Hill1996
European surveys for fungal pathogens of Myriophyllum spicatum (ABSTRACT ONLY)Varley1996
Puccinia evadens, a biological control agent for Baccharis halimifolia (ABSTRACT ONLY)Verma1996
Use of risk assessment to screen the wusu (NW China) biotype of Altica carduorum (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) for the biocontrol of Cirsium arvense in Canada (ABSTRACT ONLY)Wan1996
Fungi isolated from Orobanche spp. in Ethiopia, and their potential use for biological control (ABSTRACT ONLY)Elzein1999
Field observations and biological notes of the entomofauna associated with Convolvulus arvensis L. in Slovakia  (ABSTRACT ONLY)Toth1999
Insects Associated with Mile-A-Minute Weed (Polygonum perfoliatum L.) in China: a Three-Year-Survey ReportJianqing1999
Leafy Spurge Biological Control Exploration for Natural Enemies from the Leaf Beetle Genus Aphthona Chevrolat (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Alticinae) (ABSTRACT ONLY)Konstantinov1999
Biological control of Russian thistle (ABSTRACT ONLY)Sobhian1999
Screening Foreign Plant Pathogens for Biological Control of Polygonum perfoliatum, Mile-A-Minute (MAM) (ABSTRACT ONLY)Wu1999
Pathogens On and Variation in Nassella trichotoma (Poales: Poaceae) in AustraliaHussaini1999
Preliminary Results of the Screening of Euphorbia esula Pathogens Collected in RussiaDolgovskaya1999
Candidates for the biological control of teasel, Dipsacus spp.Sforza2003
New research on Alternanthera philoxeroides (alligator weed) in its South American native rangeSosa2003
Exploration for plant pathogens against Taeniatherum caput-medusae (medusa-head ryegrass)Widmer2003
Prospects for the search for weed biocontrol agents in RussiaZaitzev2003
Biological control of the southern African Chromolaena odorata biotype using pathogens - the search continues (ABSTRACT ONLY)Den Breeyen2003
Foreign explorations and preliminary host-range and field impact bioassays of two promising candidates for the biological control of yellow starthistle in eastern Europe (ABSTRACT ONLY)Cristofaro2003
Will further exploration find effective biological control agents for Hydrilla verticillata? (ABSTRACT ONLY)Purcell2003
Developing an integrated management program for kudzu (ABSTRACT ONLY)Jewett2003
The value of using taxonomists to survey for potential biological control agents of weeds (ABSTRACT ONLY)Stals2003
All against one: first results of a newly formed foreign exploration consortium for the biological control of perennial pepperweedHinz2007
Fungal survey for biocontrol agents of Ipomoea carnea from BrazilSoares2007
Field exploration for saltcedar natural enemies in Egypt (ABSTRACT ONLY)Cristofaro2007
The phytophagous insects associated with spotted knapweed (Centaurea maculosa Lam.) in northeast Romania (ABSTRACT ONLY)Diaconu2007
Ecology, impact and biological control of the weed Tradescantia fluminensis in New Zealand (ABSTRACT ONLY)Fowler2007
Potential for biological control of Rhamnus cathartica and Frangula alnus in North America (ABSTRACT ONLY)Gassmann2007
Fungal pathogens of Schinus terebinthifolius fro Brazil as potential classical biological control agentsFaria2007
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