Biological Control Agents

International Symposia on Biological
Control of Weeds

Agent establishment

ArticleLead AuthorYear
Current research on biological weed control in Southern CaliforniaGoeden1969
Biological control of puncturevine, Tribulus terrestris (Zygophyllaceae): Post introduction collection records of Microlarinus spp. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)Andres1973
Longitarsus jacobaeae aids moth in the biological control of tansy ragwortHawkes1973
Biological control of water hyacinth on the White Nile, SudanBeshir1984
The weed Sesbania punicea (Leguminosae) in South Africa nipped in the bud by the weevil Trichapion lativentreHarris1984
A most promising bud-galling wasp, Trighilogaster acaciaelongifoliae (Pteromalidae), established against Acacia longifolia in South AfricaNeser1984
Why a gall former can be a good biocontrol agent: the gall wasp Trichilogaster acaciaelongifoliae and the weed Acacia longifolia (ABSTRACT ONLY)Dennill1988
Ovipositional and feeding habits in cactophagous pyralids: Predictions for biological control of cactus weeds in southern AfricaHoffmann1988
Influence of temperature on development of Zygogramma suturalis - an insect used to control Ambrosia artemisiifoliaIgrc1988
The establishment of Cyrtobagous salviniae in Malaysia for the biological control of Salvinia molesta (ABSTRACT ONLY)Bai1992
Release and establishment of insect biological control agents for Hydrilla verticillata (ABSTRACT ONLY)Cofrancesco1992
Two seed-feeding Bruchids as part of an integrated approach for the control of Prosopis spp., mesquite, in South Africa (ABSTRACT ONLY)Zimmermann1992
Progress towards establishment of a seed beetle, Bruchidius villosus, for biological control of broom (Cytisus scoparius) in New Zealand (ABSTRACT ONLY)Sheat1996
Field establishment - how long does it take? (ABSTRACT ONLY)Vitelli1996
Establishment, spread and impact of Pareuchaetes pseudoinsulata (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) and exotic predator of the Siam weed, Chromolaena odorata (Asteraceae: Eupatoriae) in GhanaTimbilla1999
Successful establishment of exotic agents for classical biological control of invasive weeds in VirginiaKok1999
Strategies for Achieving Widespread Establishment of Broom Seed Beetle, Bruchidius villosus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a Biological Control Agent for Broom, Cytisus scoparius, in New ZealandSyrett1999
Evaluating the Use of Pheromones for Monitoring Establishment of Agapeta zoegana (Lepidoptera: Cochylidae), a Biological Control Agent of Spotted Knapweed (ABSTRACT ONLY)Strudevant1999
Factors Influencing the Biological Control of Lantana camara in Australia and South AfricaDay1999
Establishment and impact of the lace bug Gargaphia decoris released against the invasive tree Solanum mauritianum in South Africa (ABSTRACT ONLY)Olckers2003
Effects of site characteristics on establishment of Larinus minutus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), a capitulum-infesting weevil of diffuse knapweed, Centaurea diffusa (Asteraceae), in north-central and eastern Washington State, USA (ABSTRACT ONLY)Palmer2003
Towards predicting establishment of Longitarsus bethae, root-feeding flea beetle introduced into South Africa for potential release against Lantana camara (ABSTRACT ONLY)Simelane2007
Establishment, spread and initial impacts of Gratiana boliviana (Chrysomelidae) on Solanum viarum in FloridaMedal2007
Dissemination and impacts of the fungal pathogen, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides f. sp. miconiae, on the invasive alien tree, Miconia calvescens, in Tahiti (South PacificMeyer2007
The ragweed leaf beetle Zygogramma suturalis F. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in Russia: current distribution, abundance and implication for biological control of common ragweed, Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.Reznik2007
Long-term field evaluation on Mecinus janthinus releases against Dalmatian toadflax in Montana (USA)Sing2007
What is responsible for the low establishment of the bridal creeper leaf beetle in Australia? (ABSTRACT ONLY)Neave2007
Long-term field evaluation on Mecinus janthinus releases against Dalmatian toadflax in Montana (USA) (ABSTRACT ONLY, Full article on pg. 620)Sing2007
Midges and wasps gain tarsus hold -- successful release strategies for two Hieracium biocontrol agents (ABSTRACT ONLY)Smith2007
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