Biological Control Agents

International Symposia on Biological
Control of Weeds

Release of agents

ArticleLead AuthorYear
Current research on biocontrol of weeds in CanadaHarris1969
Current projects at the Rome Entomology Laboratory of the USDADunn1969
Coleophora spp. as biological control agents against Russian thistleHawkes1973
The initiation of biological control of Emex spp. in AustraliaJulien1973
The consequences of feeding by phytophagous insects on the phenology of waterhyacinths (ABSTRACT)Center1973
New activities in biological control of weeds in Australia I. Common heliotrope, Heliotropium europaeumDelfosse1980
Research on biological control of blackberry and ragwort, Department of Crown Lands and Survey, Victoria (ABSTRACT ONLY)Amor1980
Progress report on biological control of nodding thistle (Carduus nutans) in New ZealandJessep1980
Introduction of the gall fly Rhopalomyia californica from the U.S.A. into Australia for the control of the weed Baccharis halimifoliaMcFadyen1984
A seed-feeding insect showing promise in the control of a woody invasive plant: the weevil Erytenna consputa on Hakea sericea (Proteaceae) in South AfricaNeser1984
The biological control of Acacia nilotica indica in AustraliaWilson1984
Present status of biological control of European blackberry (Rubus fruticosus Aggregate) in AustraliaBruzzese1992
Release and establishment of the thistle-head weevil, Rhinocyllus conicus, in AustraliaWoodburn1992
Biological control of Sida acuta in Australia's northern territory (ABSTRACT ONLY)Wilson1992
A design for a release and monitoring programme of biological control agents on purple loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria, in North America (ABSTRACT ONLY)Huso1992
Releases of insects as biological control agents: Their timing and stadium for release, with reference to the Paterson's curse leaf-mining moth, Dialectica scalariella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)Shepherd1992
Biological control programme against saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) in the United States of America: progress and problemsDeloach1996
Establishment of weed control agents under the influences of demographic stochasticity, environmental variability and Allee effectsGrevstad1996
How best to release a biological control agentMemmott1996
Improved prospects for biological control of three solanum weeds in South AfricaOlckers1996
Release of the fungus, Sphaerulina mimosae (Phloeospora mimosae-pigrae), in Australia for biological control of giant sensitive plant, Mimosa pigra (ABSTRACT ONLY)Forno1996
Release and colonization of the bindweed gall mite, Aceria malherbae: A field bindweed biological control program for the Texas high plains (ABSTRACT ONLY)Michels1999
Are We Using the Best Release Strategies? An Assessment of Weed Biocontrol Introductions Made in Oregon (ABSTRACT ONLY)Grevstad1999
Biological control of mist flower (Ageratina riparia, Asteraceae): Transferring a successful program from Hawai'i to New ZealandFrohlich1999
Weed phenology: Models and applications (ABSTRACT ONLY)Forcella1999
Agent Release Techniques: What is Appropriate for Redistribution Projects That Involve Community Groups?Swirepik1999
Release strategies for the establishment of the leaf spot pathogen, Mycovellosiella lantanae var. lantanae, on Lantana camara in South AfricaDen Breeyen2003
Release strategies for the moth Agonopterix ulicetella in the biological control of Ulex europaeus in ChileNorambuena2003
Preliminary assessment of release and establishment of lantana herringbone leafminer, Ophiomyia camarai (Diptera: Agromyzidae), in South AfricaSimelane2003
Using GIS to integrate biological control into the integrated weed management program for Spartina alterniflora in Willapa Bay, WashingtonWecker2003
Determining optimal strategies for the establishment of Pareuchaetes insulata (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) on Chromolaena odorata (Asteraceae) in South Africa (ABSTRACT ONLY)Strathie2003
Habitat trade-offs in the summer and winter performance of the planthopper Prokelisia marginata introduced against the intertidal grass Spartina alterniflora in Willapa Bay, WashingtonGrevstad2003
Establishment and impact of Falconia intermedia (Hemiptera: Miridae) on Lantana camara (Verbenaceae) in South Africa (ABSTRACT ONLY)Heystek2003
Release strategies and associated factors affecting the establishment of four rust fungi introduced into Australia between 1991 and 2001 for the biocontrol of Parthenium hysterophorus, Cryptostegia grandiflora and Lantana camara (ABSTRACT ONLY)Tomley2003
Field release of the rust fungus Puccinia spegazzinii to control Mikania micrantha in India: protocols and raising awarenessSankaran2007
Release strategies in weed biocontrol: how well are we doing and is there room for improvement?Fowler2007
Release and establishment of the Scotch broom seed beetle, Bruchidius villosus, in Oregon and Washington, USACoombs2007
The release and establishment of the tansy ragwort flea beetle in the northern Rocky Mountains of MontanaLittlefield2007
Influence of release size on the establishment and impact of a biocontrol root weevil (ABSTRACT ONLY)De Clerck-Floate2007
Release of additional strains of the rust, Phragmidium violaceum, to enhance blackberry biocontrol in Australia (ABSTRACT ONLY)Morin2007
Biological control of the ivy gourd, Coccinia grandis (Cucurbitaceae), in the Mariana Islands (ABSTRACT ONLY)Reddy2007
Turning the tide -- using the sterile insect technique to mitigate an unwanted weed biocontrol agent (ABSTRACT ONLY)Hight2007
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