Biological Control Agents

International Symposia on Biological
Control of Weeds


ArticleLead AuthorYear
Development of an endemic fungal pathogen as a mycoherbicide for biocontrol of northern jointvetch in riceTempleton1973
Colletotrichum coccodes, a mycoherbicide for velvetleaf (ABSTRACT ONLY)Poirier1984
Potential for Xanthium spinosum control by Colletotrichum orbiculare as a mycoherbicideAuld1988
Assessment of efficacy of mycoherbicide candidatesCharudattan1988
Pathogenicity and host-specificity of Pleospora papaveracea, a candidate for biological control of poppy (Papaver rhoeas)Serrone1988
Employment of pathogens to constrain growth of undesirable forest vegetationDorwoth1988
Biological control of waterhyacinth with fungal plant pathogens in EgyptEl-Wakil1988
Ramularia rubella - A potential mycoherbicide to control Rumex weeds (ABSTRACT ONLY)Huber-Meinicke1988
Perspectives on mycoherbicides two decades after discovery of the COLLEGO® pathogenTempleton1988
Factors in the infection process of fungal pathogens for biological control of weedsVan Dyke1988
Biological control of forest weeds: Canadian research effortsSingh1988
Potential role of wound pathogens in manual and mechanical control of woody vegetation (ABSTRACT ONLY)Wall1992
Variation in Chondrostereum purpureum, a potential mycoherbicide for forest weeds (ABSTRACT ONLY)Wall1992
Mycoherbicide for Xanthium spinosum (ABSTRACT ONLY)Auld1992
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum: A potential mycoherbicide for Californian thistle, Cirsium arvense, control in permanent pastures? (ABSTRACT ONLY)Harvey1992
Controlled environment assessment of a Colletotrichum strain as a mycoherbicide for pitted morningglory control (ABSTRACT ONLY)Cartwright1992
Effect of the mycoherbicide, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides f. sp. malvae, on control of round-leaved mallow in strawberries (ABSTRACT ONLY)Mortensen1992
Options for biological control of the parasitic weed OrobancheLinke1992
Regulating microbial pest control agents in Canada: The first mycoherbicideMakowski1992
Phytotoxic metabolites of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides f. sp. malvae, a mycoherbicide for round-leaved mallow control (ABSTRACT ONLY)Makowski1992
Non-indigenous 'exploiter' plant pathogens as potential biocontrol agentsCother1996
Production techniques for Alternaria sp., a potential biocontrol agent of Sphenoclea zeylanica (ABSTRACT ONLY)Masangkay1996
Phytotoxic metabolites produced by Ascochyta caulina, a potential mycoherbicide for the biocontrol of Chenopodium album (ABSTRACT ONLY)Vurro1996
Striga hermonthica control with Fusarium nygamai in maizeSauerborn1996
Progress in formulation of a vegetable-oil-based invert emulsion for mycoherbicidal control of bracken, Pteridium aquilinumWomack1996
The development of mycoherbicides for an invasive shrub, Hakea sericea, and a tree, Acacia mearnsii, in South Africa (ABSTRACT ONLY)Morris1996
Assays for predicting mycoherbicide formulation compatibility (ABSTRACT ONLY)Byer1999
Liquid fermentation, delivery system, and efficacy testing of the mycoherbicide Fusarium oxysporum M12-4A against Striga hermonthica (ABSTRACT ONLY)Ciotola1999
Water-dispersible granules containing mycoherbicide agents (ABSTRACT ONLY)Connick1999
Control of St. John's wort and round-leaved mallow in non-cultivated habitats with Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (ABSTRACT ONLY)Jensen1999
The development of mycoherbicides for the management of parasitic weeds of the genus Striga and Orobanche - A review and recent results (ABSTRACT ONLY)Kroschel1999
Stumpout - Commercial production of a fungal inoculant to prevent regrowth of cut wattle stumps in South Africa (ABSTRACT ONLY)Lennox1999
Phytotoxic metabolites produced by Drechslera avenacea, a potential mycoherbicide of wild oats  (ABSTRACT ONLY)Vurro1999
Disparity between laboratory and field spraying systems - a cause of practical failure of Mycoherbicides  (ABSTRACT ONLY)Greaves1999
Management of horse purslane (Trianthema portulacastrum L.) with Gibbago trianthemae Simmons in IndiaAneja1999
Molecular Markers for Monitoring Mycoherbicides (ABSTRACT ONLY)Becker1999
Prospects of Septoria cirsii as a Biocontrol Agent Against Cirsium arvense (ABSTRACT ONLY)Berestetsky1999
Broomrapes (Orobanche spp.) are Excellent Candidates for Imposing Biological Weed Control Methods (ABSTRACT ONLY)Ghosheh1999
Phomopsis cirsii: A Promising Control Agent Against Cirsium arvense  (ABSTRACT ONLY)Leth1999
[Rejection of] Fusarium pallidoroseum as a Biological Control Agent of Mimosa invisa in Upland Rice  (ABSTRACT ONLY)Mabbayad1999
Application of biological control to vegetation management in forestryShamoun1999
Lewia chlamidosporiformans, a mycoherbicide for control of Euphorbia heterophylla: isolate selection and mass productionVieira2007
Biological control of aquatic weeds by Plectosporium alismatis, a potential mycoherbicide in Australian rice crops: comparison of liquid culture media for their ability to produce high yields of desiccation-tolerant propagules (ABS. ONLY, full on pg. 306)Moulay2007
Biological control of aquatic weeds by Plectosporium alismatis, a potential mycoherbicide in Australian rice crops: comparison of liquid culture media for their ability to produce high yields of desiccation-tolerant propagulesMoulay2007
Study on the herbicidal activity of vulculic acid from Nimbya alternantheraeXiang2007
Variation in the efficacy of a mycoherbicide and two synthetic herbicide alternativesBourdot2007
Factors affecting mass production of Duosporium yamadanum in rice grainsMacedo2007
Molecular characterization of Striga mycoherbicides 'Fusarium oxysporum strains': evidence for a new forma specialis (ABSTRACT ONLY)Elzein2007
Combination of a mycoherbicide with selected chemical herbicides for control of Euphorbia heterophyllaNechet2007
Advances in Striga mycoherbicide research and development: implications and future perspective for Africa (ABSTRACT ONLY)Elzein2007
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