Biological Control Agents

International Symposia on Biological
Control of Weeds

Molecular characterization

ArticleLead AuthorYear
Use of molecular marker variability for the identification of Colletotrichum isolates and species (ABSTRACT ONLY)Kutcher1996
Know Your Enemy: The Use of Molecular Ecology in the Onopordum Biological Control ProjectO'Hanlon1999
Molecular Characterization of Phloeospora mimosae- pigrae Isolates from Different Locations in Central and South America (ABSTRACT ONLY)Hennecke1999
Molecular ecology of broom twig miner: implications for selection and release of biological control agents (ABSTRACT ONLY)Harman2003
The importance of molecular tools in classical biological control of weeds: two case studies with yellow starthistle candidate biocontrol agentsAntonini2007
Routine use of molecular tools in Australian weed biological control programmes involving pathogens (ABSTRACT ONLY)Morin2007
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