Biological Control Agents

International Symposia on Biological
Control of Weeds

Assessment of potential agents

ArticleLead AuthorYear
The assessment of the biological control potential of organisms for controlling weeds - Introduction to the subjectWapshere1969
The assessment of biological control potential of the organisms attacking Chondrilla juncea L.Wapshere1969
The powdery mildews potential biological control agents of Skeleton weed, Chondrilla juncea L.Hasan1971
A Biological Control Agent for Rumex crispus L.Frank1971
Obligate pathogens of the milkweed vine, Morrenia odorata, as biological control agents (ABSTRACT)Charudattan1973
The potential use of Eriophyoid mites for control of weedsCromroy1973
Research on biological control of blackberry and ragwort, Department of Crown Lands and Survey, Victoria (ABSTRACT ONLY)Amor1980
Biological control of Cannabis sativaMcCain1984
Biological control of hamakua pa-makani with Cercosporella sp. in HawaiiTrujillo1984
Biocontrol agents for Parthenium hysterophorus from MexicoMcClay1984
Bruchid seed beetles for control of Parkinsonia aculeata in AustraliaWoods1984
The seed-attacking wasp Bruchophagus sp. (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) and its potential for biological control of Acacia longifolia in South AfricaKluge1988
Reproductive potential in terms of quantitative food utilization of Zygogramma bicolorata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae)Annadurai1988
Distribution of Chromolaena odorata (Asteraceae) and bionomics and consumption and utilization of food by Pareuchaetes pseudoinsulata (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) in IndiaMuniappan1988
Rust (Puccinia canaliculata) and nutsedges (Cyperus sp.)Phatak1988
Control of milk weed (Euphorbia heterophylla) with Helminthosporium spp.Yorinori1988
Impact of Galerucella pusilla and G. calmariensis (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on field populations of purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)Blossey1992
Rusts for the biological control of leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula) in North AmericaHolden1992
The life history and biology of Aphthona russica sp. nov. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Alticinae), a potential biological control agent of leafy spurgeVolkovitsh1999
A new biocontrol agent, the stem feeder beetle Thamnurgus euphorbiae Kuster (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) from Italy to control leafy spurge in the U.S. (ABSTRACT ONLY)Campobasso1999
Gall Former as a Biological Control for Strawberry Guava Psidium cattleianumWikler1999
Natural impact of the flea-beetle, Longitarsus sp., on Heliotropium amplexicaule in Argentina and its potential for use as a biological control agent in AustraliaZapater2003
Limited success of open field tests to clarify the host range of three species of Lepidoptera of Mimosa pigraHeard2003
Determining the suitability of a European cone weevil, Pissodes validirostris, for biological control of invasive pines in South AfricaRoques2003
The insect fauna of Chondrilla juncea L. (Asteraceae) in Bulgaria and preliminary studies of Schinia cognata (L.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) as a potential biological control agentLecheva2007
Evaluating the performance of Episimus utilis (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) on the invasive Brazilian peppertree in Florida (ABSTRACT ONLY)Manrique2007
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