Biological Control Agents

International Symposia on Biological
Control of Weeds

Indigenous pathogens

ArticleLead AuthorYear
Poison ivy arthropods and their biological control (ABSTRACT)Habeck1973
Biological control of Cassinia spp. (Asteraceae)Holtkamp1992
Basic data on the biological control of tropical weeds in the genus Sida (Malvaceae): 1. Sida glazioviiGarcia1992
The herbivore community on Veratrum album (Liliaceae) in central Europe (ABSTRACT ONLY)Schaffner1992
Initiating the use of fungi for biocontrol of weeds in MalaysiaCaunter1996
Evaluation of a fungal pathogen for control of Canada thistle (ABSTRACT ONLY)Bailey1996
Evaluation of Fungal and Bacterial Agents for Biological Control of Canada ThistleBailey1999
Investigations for the Biological Control of Cogongrass (ABSTRACT ONLY)Bryson1999
Promising Native/Adventive Pathogens and Insect Agents for the Biological Control of Houndstongue in Canada (ABSTRACT ONLY)De Clerck-Floate1999
Arthropods Associated with Tropical Soda Apple, Solanum viarum, in the Southeastern U.S.A. (ABSTRACT ONLY)Sudbrink1999
Observations on the Susceptibility of Chrysanthemoides monilifera to Infection by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Implications for Control of this Weed (ABSTRACT ONLY)Cother1999
Survey of potential biological agents to control yellow bells, Tecoma stans (l.) Kunth. (Bignoniaceae), in southern BrazilVitorino2003
A Canadian strain of Pseudomonas syringae causes white-colour disease of Cirsium arvense (Canada thistle)Zhang2003
A wolf in sheep's clothing: potential dangers of using indigenous herbivores as biocontrol agents (ABSTRACT ONLY)Ding2007
Common buckthorn, Rhamnus cathartica L.: available feeding niches and the importance of controlling this invasive woody perennial in North AmericaYoder2007
Parkinsonia dieback: a new association with potential for biological control (ABSTRACT ONLY)Diplock2007
Corynespora cassiicola f. sp. benghalensis, a new natural enemy of Commelina benghalensis: infection parameters (ABSTRACT ONLY)Lustosa2007
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