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Host specificity

ArticleLead AuthorYear
Problems involved in host-specificity and screening tests - Introduction to the subjectZwölfer1969
The host specialisation of three insects and a mite living on Chondrilla juncea L.Caresche1971
Host specialization in Chondrilla fungiHasan1971
Topical colloquiumZwölfer1971
Studies on the host specificity of Gastrophysa atrocyanea Mot. (Col.: Chrysomelidae), a potential biological control agent against Rumex obtusifolius L. (Polygonaceae) in JapanMiyazaki1973
Host specificity of plant pathogens in biological weed controlWatson1984
Damage to Senecio jacobaea by the rust fungus Puccinia expansaAlber1984
Host-specificity studies of Chaetorellia australis (Diptera: Tephritidae), a prospective biological control agent for yellow starthistle, Centaurea solstitialis (Asteraceae)Turner1988
Current problems in host-specificity screeningCullen1988
Investigation on the Pegomya argyrocephala complex of species (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) to select candidate biological control agents for leafy and cypress spurge in North AmericaGassmann1988
Host-specificity and morphological variation in Epitrimerus taraxaci (Acarina: Eriophyoidea) (ABSTRACT ONLY)Petanovic1988
Problems which arise with host-specificity testing of insectsShepherd1988
The predictability of insect host plant utilization from feeding tests and suggested improvements for screening weed biological control agentsHarris1992
Host-specificity of the palearctic weevil Larinus curtus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), a natural enemy of Centaurea solstitialis (Asteraceae: Cardueae)Fornasari1992
Biological control of "Satan's bush" (Solanum elaeagnifolium): A leap of faithOlckers1992
Host-specificity and biology of Rhinacloa callicrates (Hemiptera: Miridae) for the biological control of Parkinsonia aculeata (Caesalpiniaceae) in Australia (ABSTRACT ONLY)Donnelly1992
Trophic interactions between Mozena, mesquite and a microbe: Implications for host-specificity testing of insects of leguminous weeds (ABSTRACT ONLY)Cuda1992
Host specificity tests in centers of diversity: the case of sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia) (ABSTRACT ONLY)Fontes1996
Host Specificity of the Grasshopper, Cornops aquaticum, a Natural Enemy of Water HyacinthHill1999
The Host Specificity of Phyllocoptes nevadensis Roivainen (Acari: Eriophyidae), a Candidate for the Biological Control of Leafy and Cypress SpurgesLittlefield1999
The Gloomy Future of the Broom Rust as a Biocontrol AgentMorin1999
Biology and Specificity Tests of the Sawfly Heteroperreyia hubrichi Malaise, 1955 (Hymenoptera: Pergidae) a Potential Biological Control Agent for Brazilian Peppertree Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi (Anacardiaceae)Vitorino1999
Host Specificity Studies of the Pathogen Mycovellosiella lantanae var. lantanae for the Biological Control of Lantana camara in South Africa (ABSTRACT ONLY)Den Breeyen1999
Host Specificity of Algarobius bottimeri and Algarobius prosopsis in Australia (ABSTRACT ONLY)Donnelly1999
Biology and Host Specificity of the Tortoise Beetle Gratiana boliviana, a Candidate for Biocontrol of Tropical Soda Apple (Solanum viarum) (ABSTRACT ONLY)Gandolfo1999
Evaluating Host Specificity of Agents for Biological Control of Arthropods: Rationale, Methodology, and Interpretation (ABSTRACT ONLY)Sands1999
Host-Range Testing: What Can It Tell Us, and How Can It Be Better Interpreted? (ABSTRACT ONLY)Schaffner1999
The Meaning of Host-Range and Host-Specificity, and Implications for Host-Specificity Testing (ABSTRACT ONLY)Van Klinken1999
Host-specificity testing of the boneseed (Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. monilifera) leaf buckle mite (Aceria neseri)Morley2003
Biology and host range of Brazilian thrips Pseudophilothrips ichini, a candidate for biological control of Schinus terebinthifolius: US quarantine tests (ABSTRACT ONLY)Cuda2003
Argentinean fungi for Bathurst burr fail preliminary host-specificity tests (ABSTRACT ONLY)Morin2003
Biological control of saffron thistle with fungi: limited prospects (ABSTRACT ONLY)Morin2003
Host specificity of Megamelus scutellaris (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Delphacidae), a potential agent for the biological control of waterhyacinth (ABSTRACT ONLY)Sosa2003
Specificity test with Heteroperreyia hubrichi (Hymenoptera: Pergidae) and Calophya terebinthifolii (Homoptera: Psyllidae) potential control agents against Brazilian peppertree Schinus terebinthifolius (Anacardiaceae) in the United States (ABSTRACT ONLY)Vitorino2003
Specificity tests with Tectococcus ovatus (Heteroptera: Eriococcidae) a potential control agent against strawberry guava Psidium cattleianum (Myrtaceae) in the United States (ABSTRACT ONLY)Vitorino2003
The trimorphic lantana flea-beetle Alagoasa extrema not suitable for release in Africa, is suitable for biocontrol in Australia (ABSTRACT ONLY)Williams2003
The new encounter concept: centres of origin, host specificity and plant pathogensEvans2003
F1 sterility: a novel approach for risk assessment of biocontrol agents in open-field trials (ABSTRACT ONLY)Carpenter2007
Host-specificity testing on Leipothrix dipsacivagus (Acari: Eriophyidae), a candidate for biological control of Dipsacus spp.Stoeva2007
Host-specificity testing of Prospodium transformans (Uredinales: Uropyxidaceae), a biological control agent for use against Tecoma stans var. stans (Bignoniaceae)Wood2007
Potential for host-specific biological control agents at population/subspecies level? (ABSTRACT ONLY)Hafliger2007
Host-specificity and potential of Kokujewia ectrapela Konow for the control of Rumex spp. (ABSTRACT ONLY)Karimpour2007
Supplementary host-specificity testing of Puccinia melampodii, a biocontrol agent of Parthenium hysterophorus (ABSTRACT ONLY)Ntushelo2007
Host-specificity testing the French broom psyllid Arytinnis hakani (Loginova) (ABSTRACT ONLY)Thomann2007
Specificity and plant host phenology: the case of Gephyraulus raphanistri (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) (ABSTRACT ONLY)Vitou2007
Confirming host-specificity predictions for Oxyops vitiosa, a biological control agent of Melaleuca quinquenervia (ABSTRACT ONLY)Pratt2007
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