Biological Control Agents

International Symposia on Biological
Control of Weeds

Lead Author Last Name: McEvoy

ArticleLead AuthorYear
Beyond the Lottery Model: Challenges in the Selection of Target and Control Organisms for Biological Weed Control2013
The role of ecology in selecting target species and agents for biological control (ABSTRACT ONLY)McEvoy, P.B.2003
Can a pathogen provide insurance against host shifts by a biological control organism?McEvoy, P.B.2007
Weed Biocontrol as an Invasion Process (ABSTRACT ONLY)McEvoy, Peter1999
Depression in ragwort (Senecio jacobaea) abundance following introduction of Tyria jacobaeae and Longitarsus jacobaeae on the central coast of OregonMcEvoy, Peter B.1984
Ecological mechanisms underlying successful biological weed control: Field experiments with ragwort Senecio jacobaeaMcEvoy, Peter B.1988
From the individual to the population in biological control of ragwort, Senecio jacobaea  (ABSTRACT ONLY)McEvoy, Peter B.1996
Evaluation and economics: synthesis of session 7McEvoy, Peter B.1996
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