Biological Control Agents

International Symposia on Biological
Control of Weeds

Lead Author Last Name: Cullen

ArticleLead AuthorYear
One Hundred Years of Biological Control of Weeds in Australia2013
Seasonal and regional variation in the success of organisms imported to combat skeleton weed Chondrilla juncea L. in AustraliaCullen, J.M.1973
Evaluating the success of the programme for the biological control of Chondrilla juncea L.Cullen, J.M.1973
Considerations in rearing Bradyrrhoa gilveolella for control of Chondrilla juncea in AustraliaCullen, J.M.1980
Preliminary observations on Longitarsus jacobaeae introduced for the control of ragwort in AustraliaCullen, J.M.1980
Bringing the cost benefit analysis of biological control of Chondrilla juncea up to dateCullen, J.M.1984
Echium plantagineum: Catalyst for conflict and change in AustraliaCullen, J.M.1984
Current problems in host-specificity screeningCullen, J.M.1988
Predicting effectiveness: Fact and fantasyCullen, J.M.1992
Towards the integration of biological control: the Cooperative Research Centre for Weed Management Systems (ABSTRACT ONLY)Cullen, J.M.1996
Integrated control and management: synthesis of session 6Cullen, J.M.1996
Synopsis: the long and winding roadCullen, Jim2003
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